Friday, April 1, 2011

Grandma came to pictures!

Grandma Bev came to visit and Mommy and Daddy got a little break! Hurray! The girls had tons of fun playing with Grandma :)


Mommy and her girls after gymnastics
Sierra just loves her gymnastic class. Running, jumping, swinging, tumbling, parachuting (well, sorta) and playing for a whole hour!

Lily gets to come and watch ...pretty soon she'll be running too (well, crawling at least)

We finally turned a corner with Lily and her eating habits. She has not been a fan of solid foods for the last couple months. But just a couple days ago, she decided to give them a shot! Strawberry yogurt and cereal is her favorite (imagine that), but sweet potatoes and avocados aren't bad either!
Thanks for visiting Grandma!


Bev said...

Grandma had SOOOOOOOOO much fun and is looking forward to another trip soon :)
Love you all!

Jeff said...

Kelly, I love you and the girls so much it hurts. You're amazing.