Friday, April 1, 2011

Grandma came to pictures!

Grandma Bev came to visit and Mommy and Daddy got a little break! Hurray! The girls had tons of fun playing with Grandma :)


Mommy and her girls after gymnastics
Sierra just loves her gymnastic class. Running, jumping, swinging, tumbling, parachuting (well, sorta) and playing for a whole hour!

Lily gets to come and watch ...pretty soon she'll be running too (well, crawling at least)

We finally turned a corner with Lily and her eating habits. She has not been a fan of solid foods for the last couple months. But just a couple days ago, she decided to give them a shot! Strawberry yogurt and cereal is her favorite (imagine that), but sweet potatoes and avocados aren't bad either!
Thanks for visiting Grandma!