Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in Denver!

We got to spend Christmas day at Deb & Pat's house. We had a great time! Here are the girls in our Christmas pj's that Pat bought us. Pretty cute huh :) (and you can obviously tell that we did not have a white Christmas!)Rib Roast for dinner - wow, Pat knows how to cook his meat!

Tearing off the paper was just about as exciting as the gifts themselves!

New kitchen set from Grandma - so much fun. (But, it's going to stay at Deb's for awhile until we have room for it!)

Wow, is that really the whole family??

The fun, the family, the gifts, the food. We were definitely blessed with a great 2010 Christmas! Even more than all the great times, I was struck this year more than ever as I thought more about the gift God sent us. Jesus came into this world with one purpose. He came to save us. We are given new life and new hope through Jesus our savior because of what began that first Christmas - Jesus entering the world in human flesh, a baby in a manger. Join me in worship for this undeserved gift!