Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Haanen girls

Sierra loves being a big sister. She loves making Lily smile and getting her toys and yelling at mommy to fix her when she's crying! She even tries telling her what to do, but Lily doesn't listen very well yet.

We drove to Nebraska to visit Great-Grandma Dorothy for Thanksgiving. It was a treat to get to spend some time with her. She met Lily for the first time and Sierra had lots of fun playing with Grandma. She even got to go for a ride on Grandma's walker while she walked around the house!
Uncle Tom and Aunt Eli were also there to celebrate and eat with us!

So, I know it seems crazy that we would even consider giving Sierra a haircut considering how little hair she has to begin with, but we thought it could use a little "style".

"I'm pretty"

Grandma couldn't wait until Christmas to visit, so she came out for a weekend trip in December. Sierra was excited about the Santa hat that Grandma brought!

Grandma Bev and her girls

We decided to give cookie decorating a shot. Turns out, Sierra is quite the cookie artist. She sat for over and hour and "painted" dozens of sugar cookies!

Lily loves hanging out in her bouncy chair. She shakes and rattles and grabs and eats all her toys too!

She is a bubble-blowing machine!

Sierra loves playing with her baby - the other day she informed us that her name was "Lulu" Grandma even brought a Christmas dress for her :)


Bev said...

Love em! I am counting down the minutes until we see those girlies again! Love ya!

The Shinnicks said...

Love it! So cute. We really miss you all!