Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well, we're a bit behind on the blogging... Kelly is sitting right next to me and saying "That's always how we start our blog posts." So, I guess I won't start with saying we're behind on blogging. We're were just waiting for the right words to emerge for the precious pictures we wanted to post.

Grandpa Greg was in town for Ethan and Moriah's arrival, and he came and hung out with Sierra, our little lion, and Kelly on Halloween day at the Denver Zoo.

Everybody dressed up for the zoo, including our friends Abby and Ethan (the fairy and Superman).

Sierra and Lily loved trick or treating at Debbie's. Sierra, however, didn't want to say Trick or Treat. Whenever we would say, "Sierra, can you say 'Trick or Treat?'" she would responds, "No say that." Instead, she simply went with, "Candy, please." That makes more sense anyways.

Lily, our adorable little bumblebee, was a hit at our apartment complex Halloween party.

"Hey Sierra, what does a lion say?" "Roar!"


Bev said...

lions and bumble bees - oh my! so adorable! Jeff, I'm glad you are liking your new job. I am sure the kids are having fun learning from you! Can't wait to see you all!

The Shinnicks said...

Kelly, you look so beautifully radiant! And your girls are so cute. Jeff's not so bad either... Haha. Miss you all