Friday, October 29, 2010

A Blog Overdue

Hi family. We're sorry for the long blog delay...

Lily is full of smiles!

As you might know, Sierra has basically potty trained herself in the past couple of months. She took to going #1 quite easily, but #2 was a bit more of a challenge. We had to coax #2 out of her by setting her on her throne and giving her some Leap Frog to watch. Before she knew it, she would stand up and say to mommy, "See! BIG one!" And then she would proceed to cheer for herself. Our daughter is a turd producing champ.

"Mommy, look! Take a picture! Both girls!" -Sierra


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Brad said...

Hey Cuz - you have to be REALLY nice to Sierra as she goes through the potty training episodes - I'm old enough to remember you going through yours ;-) Someday - she'll be asking for stories ;-)