Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seminary Graduation

Two weeks ago, some of my good buddies graduated from Denver Seminary. Here I am with Jason Kell, who graduated with his Masters in Counseling (we call him a master in humanity, as opposed to the masters in divinity degree we all got).

Chris Durkin will soon be headed off to New Jersey to Pastor one of the few Southern Baptist Churches on the East Coast.

And Mr. Chris Shinnick will likely end up in Hawaii after a long, relaxing summer with his parents in California.

Becky Shinnick (Chris' wife) will be taking off too. We're going to miss them...and Sebastian (little dude to the left) is going to miss Sierra. Sierra has taken to chasing Sebby around---most other kids chase Sierra around!

Well, after graduating from seminary, now they are equipped with both the whole armor of God (Eph. 6) as well as the whole armor of a fisherman. You never know when you'll need a fish hook or altoid in ministry....

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