Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Daily Trek to Iryna's House

Each day for the past year, Sierra and I made a trip to the house of Iryna, our babysitter. I though it would be fitting to remember the routine we went through for a year. Here are the five steps we rehearsed every morning. 1) Hop in the car and smile for daddy.

2) Get out of the car at Iryna's and look to see if the doggy is sticking his nose under the fence.

3) Say hello to Mr. Squirrel in Iryna's garden. Occasionally smell a flower or two.

4) Get up those steps!

5) Good morning Iryna, and goodbye daddy!

1 comment:

Lynn Haanen said...

Many thanks for all of these pictures! I have often wondered what Iryna looks like. Sierra has had such a wonderful year with her!