Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza

Although this blog is generally for my adorable family, I thought that you all might be interested in the church Kelly and I are involved in. I took this picture before our elder meeting. From left to right is: Eliseo Fierro, Pastor Victor Garcia, Nicolas Garcia, Joel Arvizo, and myself.

Every Wednesday at 6pm I teach guitar lessons to a few guys from the youth group. We've enjoyed learning worship songs in Spanish, English, and even Hebrew. And after we're done with group, I've let them in on a love song that I sang for Kelly before I left for Mexico: "Save Tonight." Although I know they like the worship music, I'm pretty sure they're more interested in equipping themselves to woo Mrs. Right. The guys names are: Eric Valenzuela (left) and Juan Gonzalez (right).

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