Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Park 2010

Compliments of the picture taking queen (Heather, my sister), here are some pictures from our recent trip to Winter Park. We took a two day get-a-away to the Mountainside Inn in Granby, CO. Dustin's parents were kind enough to let us stay in their room for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Here we are snowshoeing...the "artistic" posing was Heather's idea. Although I enjoyed it, I think Kelly still has some sap in her eye.

Ahh...that's better. Our two hour snowshoeing extravaganza with Heather was the highlight of our trip. Dustin took care of the kiddoes while we adventured. Thanks sis for being our tour guid, and thanks D for taking care of the midgets while we cavorted in the snow!

The day before we stopped by the brand new Rec Center in Frasier, just outside of Winter Park. Hoops and the pool kept us busy for a few hours.

She's a baller. What can we say...

A common scene all weekend...Caleb chasing after Sierra. Not only was this going on in the cabin, but on the court as well. I've got a feeling Caleb will be eating Sierra's dust for years to come!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

At the Pool

Last Saturday we headed to Buck Rec Center to go floating around the current pool. Sierra was sportin' a new two-piece, surf chick swim suit. As adorable as ever...

Step by step...

To dive in or to tip-toe...that is the question.

Should have tip-toed. She flopped over and took a face full of water. Not too happy. Mommy sure thought it was humorous, but not baby.

Warming up after getting a chilly swim at Buck Rec Center

Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza

Although this blog is generally for my adorable family, I thought that you all might be interested in the church Kelly and I are involved in. I took this picture before our elder meeting. From left to right is: Eliseo Fierro, Pastor Victor Garcia, Nicolas Garcia, Joel Arvizo, and myself.

Every Wednesday at 6pm I teach guitar lessons to a few guys from the youth group. We've enjoyed learning worship songs in Spanish, English, and even Hebrew. And after we're done with group, I've let them in on a love song that I sang for Kelly before I left for Mexico: "Save Tonight." Although I know they like the worship music, I'm pretty sure they're more interested in equipping themselves to woo Mrs. Right. The guys names are: Eric Valenzuela (left) and Juan Gonzalez (right).