Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kelly's Pregnant!!!

Kelly's Pregnant! We just found out the big news before Christmas and shared the big news at Bev and Dan's house with the whole family. Here's Kelly at the first ultrasound. As of today she's 9 weeks, 5 days pregnant, and our little 2.96cm kiddo has a heartbeart of 164 beats per minute and a particularly big melon. Disbelief? A bit...but it quickly gave way to overwhelming joy. The big date is August 7....Keep us four in your prayers.


Heather said...

yipee!!! So happy for you guys! Caleb"s pulling for a boy:)

Lynn Haanen said...

Thanks for the update...LOVE the pictures! Congratulations again on your big news. We are all so excited!

The Roberts Family said...

Congrats and welcome to the Babies Less Than 2 Years Apart Club!!!!

Bev said...

Tears of joy and love to all!

Joy said...

I agree with the tears of joy and love to you all!!!!
SO happy for you!
Love from Arizona :o)