Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the Denver Zoo

On MLK day, the Haanen's took a trip to the zoo with the Shinnicks (below). Here's Sierra and I in front of an interesting giraffe-zebra...I forgot his technical name

Two pretty people in the tropics...

Here's Becky Shinnck, our good friend. She suggested we check out the tropical fish and odd underwater creatures at the zoo.

In the background in Chris Shinnick and their little guy Sebastian. Sierra and Sebby have become best friends.

As soon as we arrived at the zoo, Sierra was terrified of the animals. The death grip on her daddy (below) loosened up after the first 20 minutes.


Bev said...

Thanks for the new pics! Was it only a month ago that we saw you??? Seems like too long! Love you.

Lynn Haanen said...

Thanks for the adorable pictures!! It's so fun to see all of you enjoying a "field trip"