Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jeff's Boss

I know some of you have never seen Jeff's boss, Wilmer Ramirez. Here we are with him downtown Denver. Yesterday we attended a Christian prayer service / demonstration for just immigration reform. It was good fun....and cold! Count the layers on Sierra!

At the Denver Zoo

On MLK day, the Haanen's took a trip to the zoo with the Shinnicks (below). Here's Sierra and I in front of an interesting giraffe-zebra...I forgot his technical name

Two pretty people in the tropics...

Here's Becky Shinnck, our good friend. She suggested we check out the tropical fish and odd underwater creatures at the zoo.

In the background in Chris Shinnick and their little guy Sebastian. Sierra and Sebby have become best friends.

As soon as we arrived at the zoo, Sierra was terrified of the animals. The death grip on her daddy (below) loosened up after the first 20 minutes.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Annuciation - Haanen Kiddo #2

Christmas #4

Christmas #4: the fellas in their new ties

The whole fam at the Faulkner's during Christmas

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kelly's Ultrasound

Kelly's Pregnant!!!

Kelly's Pregnant! We just found out the big news before Christmas and shared the big news at Bev and Dan's house with the whole family. Here's Kelly at the first ultrasound. As of today she's 9 weeks, 5 days pregnant, and our little 2.96cm kiddo has a heartbeart of 164 beats per minute and a particularly big melon. Disbelief? A bit...but it quickly gave way to overwhelming joy. The big date is August 7....Keep us four in your prayers.

More Christmas

Merry Christmas, Sierra! Here she is opening present's at Greg's.

Terror or joy? The ball pit can inspire both emotions.

Grandma Bev sure votes for joy.

Uff da....all Christmased out. Until next year...

A Near Miss!


Sierra liked the 10 degree day a bit more than Caleb...

Daddy looks good in snow gear from Greg's garage...

Grace, Kelly, Sierra and Heather

Grace, Will, Sierra and Heather after a successful trip downhill.

Merry Christmas

Dear blog fans. We do apologize for our ginormous blogger hiatus. But now we're back. Here are some photos from Christmas. Below is Christmas #1, at Aunt Debbie's, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas #2 was in Minnesota. Mom took us to A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. The performance made Dickens' classic shine. Thanks for the gift mom...and for showing us this crazy blue window by the Bridge to Nowhere.

Caleb and Sierra loved their Christmas together. Lots of love...and toy stealing and face clawing (Sierra forgive you, Caleb).

Christmas #3 was at my dad's. We headed to French Park for some tubing on the Monday after Christmas. We joined my Uncle Rod and his kids, Will and Grace.

Sierra seems impervious to cold. Her nose freezes over, but she doesn't seem to mind it. A real Minnesotan.