Friday, October 2, 2009

Bath Time!

Dear Bev. Since you are the only person who monitors our blog (except for you, mom!), these pics are for you. The baby and I took a bath together about a month ago. She is cuter than ever. I, however, seem to be getting uglier.

From the hot tub to the rub-a-dub-dub, I had a good time with Sierra in the bath. She loves the waterfall.


Bev said...

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the updated photos. I know where Sierra gets her love for baths!

Lynn Haanen said...

Fun pictures!! Love the birthday suit pic! The love of books is a great draw....who needs clothes to enjoy the printed word. : - )

Dustin, Heather and Caleb said...

Whatever!!! No love for the sister??? I'm just a little slow:) LOVE YOU!!!

Joy said...

I'm looking at your blog....not daily like the mom's but as often as I can! Thanks for keeping some clothes on! HA!