Friday, June 26, 2009

The White House, Lunch, and Our Baby

Here we are outside the White House. We're convinced Sierra's going to Harvard. All great minds begin with sandal eating...

Although we didn't get Sierra's attention, we did get a good family pic with the White House in the background. Unfortunately, this is as close as normal humans like us could get to Obama's Castle. That's the post 9/11 world we live in.

Lunch that day brought us to a fountain outside the Museum of American History. It was one of the few fountains we could dip our feet in without incurring the displeasure of hovering security guards. Sierra loved rolling up her pants and splashing about.

That's just a cute baby. This is from the day before, just after the Lincoln Memorial

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Lynn Haanen said...

Great pictures! Yes..Obama's castle will have to wait for next time.

Sierra is so quick to smile. Life is good!