Friday, June 19, 2009

The Washington National Cathedral

Last Sunday we went to church at the Washington National Cathedral. Here we are right after the service in the Bishop's Garden.

The Cathedral was majestic. It reminded us both of the cathedrals in Europe and Latin America, with the exception of the stained glass windows. Many depicted scenes from American history, and one even depicts the Apollo 11 moon landing. This church has seen some of the greatest people in American history, from nearly every president to even Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement.

Here we are with Tom and Erin; Tom is actually Rich's (our host) nephew who has been staying with the McFarland's for the past several weeks while in medical school. They have been a huge blessing to us while we've been here in Washington D.C. They are both believers, both in the Air Force, and both extremely interesting people. It's funny how travels can cross your paths with the most interesting, and unlikely, people.

This is the back of the Cathedral. It pictures Christ in the center of a host of saints and outstanding individuals from the history of Christianity.

The art on the front of the Cathedral depicts creation (a walk-through of the Cathedral brings you from creation to redemption). In the middle is the creation of man, and on either side is the creation of day and night. The Christian imagination is indeed beautiful.

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Bev said...

What a great family pic and beautiful church. Can you believe 2 weeks is almost up?
Love ya