Thursday, June 25, 2009

Washington Monument and WWII Memorial

After our disaster at the capitol, we walked along the National Mall and beheld this giant obelisk, erected to honor George Washington. Some take an elevator to the top...we just take pictures and ask why anybody would build such an odd, functionless structure.

Just past the Washington Monument is the WWII Memorial. We would come back later in our trip to get a closer look, but here's a general picture of the fountains (with the Lincoln Memorial in the far background). The WWII Memorial was placed between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument to symbolize how crucial WWII was in defending our nation's ideals.

Although the official mood of the memorial was somber, apparently nobody told Sierra. (Again, don't worry grandmas, our hand is hidden right behind the granite blocks).

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Lynn Haanen said...

Love this picture of Sierra. She just brightens my day! Sorry about your capitol experience. You'll have to put that tour at the top of your agenda when you travel there next time.