Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Touring the Coors Factory

Two weeks ago Kelly's brother Brian came to visit. Now, when your 21 year old brother comes to visit Colorado, what would you do with him? You got it - bring him to the world's biggest brewery. We set out to Golden, Colorado to tour the Coors factory. My guess is that this tour is so popular primarily because of the three free drinks at the end. But honestly, I think the willy-wonka-like assembly line was the coolest. Regardless, here we are.

This is Brian and I, enjoying a cold brew as fresh as they come.

Is that wrong to be drinking a Blue Moon while carrying your baby on your chest? I think not. That's just my cool wife...

Here's where the magic happens. Get your fresh water, your barley, your hops and your Rocky Mountain stamp of approval, and you have a recipe for some tasty beer.

And who do you think is most excited to take the tour?

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