Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our June 2008 Trip to Washington D.C.

Our first family vacation didn't exactly start off smoothly. We found out that traveling with a baby makes it tough to travel light. Two suitcases over the 50lb weight limit meant re-arranging all our stuff in the middle of the airport (including Jeff's boxers!) Then we had to have our bags searched because when we re-arranged our luggage we put liquids in our carry-on! Geesh! We finally made it to our gate and boarded the plane, only to un-board 20 minutes later because of mechanical problems. An hour after Sierra was ready for a nap, we got back on the plane. After about a 10 minute breakdown, she finally fell asleep. We arrived in VA and went to pick up our rental car. The guy laughed at us when we told him we had rented an "economy car" and said there was no way we would fit all of our stuff into it, and for only $111 more, we could upgrade to a bigger car. Well, that didn't quite fit into the budget. So Jeff did some sweet-talking and we got an "employee coupon" which meant that we drove away in a brand new Chevy Impala for $20. D.C. here we come!

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