Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian

Thursday took us to the Museum of Natural History, one of the popular locations of Ben Stiller's latest film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. This gigantic elephant is the first animal to greet you as you walk in the front doors. Intimidating.

In the last Night at the Museum, I believe this fella came alive and chased Ben Stiller like a dog. Unfortunately, he didn't move much for us. The prehistoric section was fascinating. Perhaps the most fascinating element for us was how the assumption of evolution, from amoeba to man, controls the entire narrative of the museum. This blog isn't the place to air all my doubts regarding Darwinism, but I did leave convinced that it is probably the most powerful, and most false, idea of our age. Nonetheless, the wonders of the natural world, especially T-Rex, stirred the imagination.

The velociraptor has nothing on my wife.

Here we are next the Easter Island Head, popularly known at DumDum from Night at the Museum. Unfortunately, I was fresh out of GumGum for DumDum, but he seemed amiable nonetheless.

The section on the ocean was astounding as well. From Giant Squids to Giant Whales, the Ocean is perhaps more awe-inspiring even than D.C.

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Dustin and Heather said...

What an amazing trip! We LOVE you guys! :) Thanks for sharing so much!