Friday, June 26, 2009

The Lincoln Memorial and The Vietnam Memorial

On Wednesday we headed to the Lincoln Memorial, the great monument to the Great Emancipator. Honestly, when walking up the steps I couldn't but help and think of the Million Man March and the "I Have a Dream Speech" delivered by Dr. King. But Abraham Lincoln was fairly impressive as well...

Here he is. On the right wall was the Gettysburg address and on the left was his Second Inaugural Address.

That one there might be a Christmas card--if it wasn't lacking one small human napping in her stroller.

From the Lincoln Memorial he headed to the Vietnam Memorial, where 50,000 plus names are inscribed on a mirror-like black wall. Right below where I took this photo was a solitary rose. I couldn't help but comment to Kelly that memorials are so--tidy, unlike the enormous cost of human life it took to arise such blocks of remembrance.

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