Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life at the McFarlands

This page introduces our esteemed hosts, Anne and Rich McFarland. Anne and Rich are Debbie's good friends from when they all lived in Colorado Springs. We had only met them a handful of times, but during our brief conversations they told us to come out and visit sometime. They didn't know what they were getting into... They have been absolutely fantastic to us. They've fed us breakfast and dinner every day, given us two rooms to stay in, let us use their patio, washer and dryer, and even their cars. To say they've been warm is an understatement. Last Saturday Anne took us to see her horse, Winston. Anne shows Winston in horse shows along the East Coast. She's taught us horse lingo like "a four step gait" that we constantly need translated. Below are Winston and Anne.

When meeting Winston face to face, Sierra was a bit terrified. She got a look of terror in her face when she got close to this ginormous dog. But after a while she warmed up to Winston. Actually, after about a half hour, and after seeing us pet Winston, she started to reach out her hand to pet him as well. The progression from fear to fun was a delight to behold.

Here is Sierra and Anne after Sierra's first ever horse ride. She was all smiles as they walked around the barn. We may, however, be kicking ourselves for this day when she turns six and asks for a pony for her birthday. Regardless, today was a blast for our little girl.

Here's a picture at dinner that night which includes Rich (far left) as well. Super Sierra was a bit off since it was only minutes from her bedtime. But we all were happy. And considering the meal which we had only minutes later, we had good reason to be.

The last posting was a video of Sierra's ride on Winston. It rocked her little world.


Lynn Haanen said...

Wow! So glad you have a video of
Sierra's first horse ride....what a fun experience for her. The McFarlands are such wonderful hosts!

Bev said...

Start saving some $$ for that pony Jeff! What a wonderful time it appears you are having. Please tell Rich & Ann hello for us - and next time they need to be more careful when they invite strangers to their home! The horse is beautiful.