Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Capitol

Our trip to the capitol building was perhaps the biggest fiasco of our entire vacation. Here was the plan. Take a scheduled tour of the capitol at 11:10am on Monday. Meet out congressman, learn our history, be patriotic. It wasn't in the cards. We left our house that morning a few minutes late, rushed to the Metro stop and hopped on the bus. After we got off, we realized that we had a 7 block "walk" to the capitol. Because it was now 10:55, we ran. Running uphill, pushing a stroller in the heat of D.C. was not how we wanted to start our day. But nonetheless we arrived, with sweaty pits and all. We arrived to security at 11:25, hoping to still catch our tour. Problem. The security guard informed us we couldn't bring in even an empty water bottle. We thought at that point, "Shoot, then what in the heck are we going to do with our bagged lunch?" One security guard kindly suggested that we throw it away. Since our mini cooler had not only our food but all of Sierra's food as well, we didn't think that was a good option. So, I tried to go and hide our lunch in a corner and just hope it would still be there after we returned. No dice. So fella with an oozie chased me down and said that if I left my lunch by the wall, they would have to evacuate the premises (assuming, of course, I was carrying a dirty bomb, not baby food). So, sweaty, late and facing losing about $60 in food and lunch paraphernalia, we threw in the towel. The closest we got to the capitol was the picture you see below.

But man did we enjoy our lunch outside the capitol. Sierra was sure glad we didn't throw away that bottle. What then would she gnaw on?

Making the best of the scenery outside the capitol...

Because I felt like I needed a little love after our fiasco, I decided to give some away to this good looking aluminum man, planted outside the Smithsonian.

And here's our cute baby, just lovin' life next to the Grant Memorial. I can't saw that the epic struggle for freedom really matches our baby's big smile, but I prefer the latter anyway.


Bev said...

Lots of memories, interesting history lessons, great stories, and wonderful pictures. I'm not sure how you pulled it all off, but sounds like it was a great time and worth the effort. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

love ya

Lynn Haanen said...

Who is this "good looking aluminum guy" anyway?