Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sonrise Mountain Ranch - Hanging with our Small Group

Welcome to the Mountains!

Over the first weekend in March, we headed to tiny Cimarron, CO to hang out for a weekend at Sonrise Mountain Ranch with our small group. On Saturday morning we went snowshoeing--our first time with Sierra. She loved every moment (even the moments she was sleeping).

The girls: Mandy, Kelly, Annie, and Megan (from left to right).

I had the distinct privilege of carrying the little pink marshmallow along on the hike. Now if that isn't a picture of a happy family, I don't know what is...


Brad said...

I know cute, and that family picture right there is cute!! - but, where are little Sierra's baby Oakley's? - gotta keep the theme goin' with the sweet shades right? - lookin' great you guys, as always, thanks for puttin' pictures out there for us to look at!

Lynn Haanen said...

What fun!! Looks like Sierra is loving the outdoors! So nice to have a chance to relax in such beautiful surroundings and with good friends.